For Our Community

“Having served with Adam Hill for 8 years on regional boards, I have relied upon him to vote with me consistently in favor of preserving the environment, improving transportation and protecting human health against air pollution. For the well-being of the entire county, vote to re-elect Adam Hill Third District Supervisor.”
-Jan Marx, San Luis Obispo Mayor


Supervisor Hill has a proven record of leadership on issues of public safety, economic development, energy, and the environment in San Luis Obispo County.


Supervisor Hill’s dedication to his work and community are what keep him motivated every day as a county supervisor. He doesn’t simply work for SLO County, he stands up for it.


As a SLO county supervisor Adam Hill has accomplished a lot already by finding practical solutions to issues facing our county. But there is still work to be done.

Stand Up
For Progress

“Adam has helped our local economy as much as anyone I’ve ever seen.”
-Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson

Join The Team:


Doing More
To Represent Us

“As a local elected and 30 year resident of this county, I am sincerely grateful for your accessibility to all and your willingness to go to bat for issues that matter to the people of SLO County.”
-Councilwoman Karen Bright


Stand Up
For Leadership

“When other county leaders told me that they would not provide safety for my family during the oil pipeline construction in front of our home, Adam Hill came to our rescue… I have been so impressed by his support of things that mean a lot to me – the health and safety of my family, preserving our county’s amazing natural beauty and natural resources, and treating all people living or working in SLO County with equality. This is the kind of person I want to be in office. This is the kind of person that I want making decisions about the direction of our county – decisions that can have a huge impact on our livelihood and wellbeing.”
-Natalie B.


Doing More
For The Central Coast

“I support Adam Hill as he works hard for the businesses and constituents in his district. Adam Hill showed me what a small-business friendly leader is all about. My restaurant in Avila Beach is set to thrive, but without Adam’s help and understanding, we might very well be on a downward trend. Thank you Supervisor Hill!”
-Tim Gill, Ocean Grill

Serving SLO County

Supervisor Hill is proud of his service for the people who live in San Luis Obispo County. His dedication to service keeps him motivated, passionate, and looking forward to continuing his service.

Supervisor Adam Hill, SLO County
Adam Hill SLO County, transportation press event

Know How

Too many people talk about what they think should be done. Supervisor Hill’s record proves that he does what he says. His experience working with people, businesses, and organization all throughout California is key to ensure measurable progress; not just talk.


Adam loves the Central Coast. It’s his home, and he fights for all the things we love about it every day. His personal connection to this area keeps him committed to improving our future.

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