Homeless in SLO County, Supervisor Adam Hill working to help

Adam Hill Meets with Mayor of San Diego to Discuss Homelessness

Supervisor Adam Hill speaking with San Diego Mayor Kevin FaulconerSupervisor Adam Hill recently had the opportunity to detail the challenges – and successes – we’ve had thus far in our work to alleviate homelessness in SLO County.

The mayor of San Diego visited San Luis Obispo to discuss the various ways homelessness impacts our cities and counties. Speaking to the Central Coast Water Board, he shared what he’s done in San Diego to address the issue.

In parallel, 3rd District Supervisor, Adam Hill – who has always been at the forefront of the fight to help homelessness and provide more affordable housing in SLO County – detailed the various ways in which he and all the hard-working organizations like Five Cities Homeless Coalition and the ECHO Shelter in Atascadero have been contributing to improving conditions for all residents in SLO County.

Our work has been effective, but there’s still more work to be done!

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