Dedicated: Serve All People in SLO County

On all social and economic issues affecting people in SLO County, Supervisor Adam Hill has proven he is a fierce defender of good social policy.

He stands up for everyone.

Let’s be honest, not everyone living in our county lives above the poverty level. There are lots of good, hard-working families who sometimes need a little help and a little empathy. Help with housing, as well as help from people like Adam who works to keep a healthy local economy so that our citizens can have good jobs that pay a living wage.

Adam Hill fights for affordable housing, volunteers his time, and advocates for homeless programs throughout the county.

As a county supervisor Adam has, quite frankly, “stuck his neck out” for citizens of our community on social and civil rights issues. He’s a fierce defender of equality both social and economic issues. We need to re-elect Adam Hill because unlike most normal politicians out there, he isn’t afraid to take a stand and fight for good policies that help people.

We live in an amazing place, so it’s easy for many of us to forget how many people live under the poverty line, and how many families just need a little help to get back on their feet. These issues are not always easy to talk about, but Supervisor Adam Hill has shown us all that with attention, empathy, and hard work can really make a difference in people’s lives.