Pismo Preserve, sunset

Effective: Adam Hill Does A Good Job As Supervisor

Pismo Preserve, Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill played a key roll in establishing the Pismo Preserve

There’s a lot of noise made in an election. Unfortunately, that’s how modern politics works these days.

What matters, though – what really matters – is whether or not the person asking for your vote is good at the job.

Adam Hill is really good at being a supervisor for San Luis Obispo County.

As a county supervisor, Adam Hill has proven he’s an effective leader on all the issues that are important to residents of SLO County.

He lead the way to establish the Pismo Preserve.

He leads the way to expand the Bob Jones Trail.

He works throughout the county and state to ensure good, high paying jobs come to and stay in SLO County.

Since being a supervisor, Adam has helped SLO County get its best credit rating in history – and that in the face of a recession.

On all the important aspects of being a supervisor from budget management to advocacy and protecting our natural resources, Adam Hill has proven he is the best person for the job. He deserves to be re-elected, and SLO County will be better for it.