KSBY Covers The Issues Issues For District 3

Embedded from KSBY website (including their lead-in commercials... sorry, cannot be avoided) Key issues are covered in this KSBY news story about the District 3 County Supervisor candidates. The differences are distinct and the choice is clear: Adam Hill best represents the people of the third district of San Luis Obispo County. Share this story with other voters! Issues include: ...

SLO County Supervisors Forum: Februrary 11th, 2020

We all should know what all SLO County supervisor candidates believe on policies, not just our own district, and a great way to do that is to show up and ask questions at the SLO County Supervisor Candidate forum on February 11th, 2020. Join us at the Unitarian Church in SLO and let the supervisor canidates know about the issues ...

SLO County Supervisor Candidate Form: January 30, 2020

Support Supervisor Adam Hill at the next SLO County Supervisor Candidate forum in San Luis Obispo! SLO County supervisor candidates for district 3 and district 5 will be there! Special thanks to the organizers of this candidate forum: The Latino Outreach Council and League of Women Voters!

Supervisor Adam Hill Speaks at Mike Bloomberg Event

"Just back from some discussion and campaigning with Mike Bloomberg.  He is a serious man with a strong record of success."  ~Adam SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill met with 2020 presidential candidate and former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg in Monterey. Adam spoke at the event, reminding the crowd of not only the importance of the March 3rd, 2020 California primary ...

2020 SLO County Supervisor Candidate Forum

Show your support, learn about the issues facing SLO County and the candidates' positions on all of them. We'd love to see you January 15th and January 22nd for both county supervisor forums in San Luis Obispo.
Supervisor Adam Hill's position about Oceano Dunes

Closing Oceano Dunes: Adam Hill’s Real Position

Just so it’s clear, I have never favored closing the dunes to riding and camping, and still don’t. Reducing dust pollution has never been an either/or scenario. If State Parks/OHV had ever shown a willingness to work with the County, we could have, years ago, agreed on a true, practical solution to reduce the dust below the heath damaging levels, ...

Why I’m Running for Re-Election as County Supervisor

Without a doubt, the most important issue in the 3rdDistrict and in the County, is the looming closure of Diablo Canyon. PG&E is in bankruptcy and fighting a hostile takeover bid, the timing and process of decommissioning is still to be decided, and the fate of the 12,000 acres of beautiful coastal land is of primary interest to our community. ...

New SLO County Mental Health Facility Making Positive Impact

(photo by David Middlecamp for The Tribune) One of Adam Hill's priorities as SLO County Supervisor has been facilitating the creation of better and more accessible mental health services in SLO County. One such project was the opening of the Crisis Stabilization Unit in March of last year, which has proven to significantly decrease the need for involuntary holding by ...

$950,000 Tax Revenue from Cannabis for Grover Beach Police, Fire, & Parks

Making up a full 10% of the Grover Beach General Fund, tax income from cannabis companies in Grover Beach is already going toward police, fire, and parks. Watch the KSBY segment to learn more about the first $950,000 and what the city council and residents would like to see in the future.  
Homeless in SLO County, Supervisor Adam Hill working to help

Adam Hill Meets with Mayor of San Diego to Discuss Homelessness

Supervisor Adam Hill recently had the opportunity to detail the challenges – and successes – we've had thus far in our work to alleviate homelessness in SLO County. The mayor of San Diego visited San Luis Obispo to discuss the various ways homelessness impacts our cities and counties. Speaking to the Central Coast Water Board, he shared what he's done ...
Supervisor Adam Hill, SLO County 2020

National Walk To School Day @ Hawthorne Elementary

Supervisor Adam Hill recently had a chance to engage with slightly younger constituents at Hawthorne Elementary School. Adam spent some time passing out snacks and useful The event was in celebration of National Walk to School Day and sponsored by SLO RideShare.

Supervisor Adam Hill Signs Climate, No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

The organizers of the San Luis Obispo County Rise For Climate Rally and March invited all SLO County Supervisors and 2020 candidates to sign a No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. And of course, since Adam Hill has fought hard to protect our environment and restore public areas in SLO County for years, he didn't hesitate to sign the pledge :) ...
SLO Octagon barn reopening celebration

SLO Octagon Barn Reopening Celebration

Supervisor Adam Hill was honored to be at the official reopening celebration of the famous Octagon Barn, a project that The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo has been dedicated to renovating and making a public space since 1997. Learn more about the historic octagon barn project.

Diablo Canyon Power Plant

The most important issue in our County now and for the next few years?  No doubt about it. It’s what happens when the plant closes, and how it happens, and the decisions we make about the lands. The decision to close the plant was not ours, but how we are responding to its planned closure, to its impacts, and to ...