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New Jobs Coming to San Luis Obispo (Video)

From San Luis Obispo — A local company is breaking ground on a new headquarters and plans to double in size. Work is underway at the new site that will be home to Rosetta owned software development company Level.

This means new jobs for San Luis Obispo County, not only construction jobs to build the LEED certified building, but permanent jobs as well.

Level CEO Tom Adamski says, “Our organization has been growing pretty aggressively in the last five years and we predict growth this year as well.”

Soon Level will have a new 46-thousand square foot building to grow into just south of the SLO airport. The company plans to double its size from about 150 employees to 300 in the next 2 years.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor District 3 Adam Hill says, “That means a lot to our county a lot in terms of jobs and a lot in terms of revenue.”

That’s why the county put this project on the fast track, from application to permits in a record five months, it will be complete next year.

Supervisor Hill says; “I think this is going to make both a big improvement in our jobs picture but also sends a message to others that this is a good place to do business.”

Adamski agrees saying a big part of the decision to expand here is quality of life, “We want people to live here by choice and we want them to be competitive in nature and want to go out and compete on a global scale, but we’d like them to really enjoy going home and going home to a place that they love to be and love to raise a family.”

The company wants employees to be comfortable at work too. The new building will feature places to exercise, play basket ball, and a coffee bar.

More than half the company’s employees are cal poly graduates and Level plans to stick to that hiring trend in the future. They will be looking for electrical and computer engineers, and graphic communications and business majors.