New Non-Stop Flights SLO to Seattle

Good news for locals, tourists, and business travelers. We’ve locked in a direct flight from SLO airport to Seattle, something that SLO business and officials have been working on for more than a year.

This addition helps our local tech business employees and times nicely with the SLO airport expansion. Moreover, this sort of direct accessibility to the Central Coast from major hubs will be a vital part of the puzzle to create new, good-paying jobs that are expected to be lost when Diablo Canyon closes.  SLO County groups continue to work to get direct flights from other major hubs in the country.

It’s so easy for forget how important something like ease of travel can be to the economic puzzle. Once again we see that tackling challenges takes a broad, multi-faceted approach. There is no magic potion, fix-all solution. Buzzwords and promised don’t create jobs. We have to plan ahead, be pro-active, and put in the work.

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