While most politicians use phrases like “work across the aisle” and “work with everyone in my district” – Adam Hill has proven he actually does it. We need practical, solution-seeking people like Adam Hill on the SLO Board of Supervisors.

Adam Hill finds practical solutions to problems. The Tribune agreed when it endorsed him. Whether the issue is large or small, we want to solve for today while planning for tomorrow. No grandstanding or catering empty promises; just the work. That’s what matters.

Adam’s practical approach has also directly led to implementing vital programs like 50Now Housing and Laura’s Law.

Cal Fire, Adam Hill Supervisor, SherrifAdam works closely with businesses, officials, and members of our community to find a balance. That’s why during his time we’ve seen strong budget reform, infrastructure improvement, new businesses, and protection of trails and open spaces all at the same time. By working together and seeking out where compromise can be made, we really can make progress on all fronts that matter to our community.

That’s why Adam Hill wants to be a SLO County supervisor: he wants to get things done for his community. He doesn’t want roadblock style governance to rule the Board of Supervisors. He wants to enhance what makes SLO County great and fix problems as they arise. Like us, he loves this corner of California and all the things that make it special. Let’s protect that.

Let’s be practical. Let’s keep working. Let’s vote Adam Hill.