Every person on the SLO City Council endorsed Adam Hill for County Supervisor, not their colleague who is Adam’s opponent. We hope you’ll do the same on November 8th.

SLO City Council Members, thumbs up for Adam Hill

SLO Mayor Jan Marx
“Having served with Adam Hill for 8 years on regional boards, I have relied upon him to vote with me consistently in favor of preserving the environment, improving transportation and protecting human health against air pollution. For the well-being of the entire county, vote to re-elect Adam Hill Third District Supervisor.”

SLO City Councilmember John Ashbaugh
“Supervisor Adam Hill has always been a reliable partner for the city of SLO during the eight years we’ve both been in elected office.   Adam has worked hard to make the impossible happen:  new jobs, reduced homelessness (especially among veterans), expanded open space, improved groundwater management, responsible fiscal decisions.  Adam’s track record proves his service and dedication to our County.”

 SLO City Councilmember Dan Carpenter
Dan Carpenter is Adam Hill’s opponent in the election.

SLO City Councilmember Carlyn Christianson
“I trust Adam Hill to continue to represent the best interests of District 3 because I’ve worked closely with both candidates for years in various contexts.  Adam’s votes are consistently and dependably in favor of environmental protection, housing, transportation and jobs—he actively fights for our future.”

SLO City Councilmember Dan Rivoire
“I support Supervisor Adam Hill for reelection.  Hill’s leadership is focused on the long term—thoughtfully projecting the impact of today’s decisions on our future’s residents, families and young professionals. He knows that economic vibrancy, housing availability and a modern transportation system are essential to a healthy community.  Supervisor Hill consistently defends the disadvantaged and trusts voters on particularly challenging decisions like the upcoming Measure J Transportation Specific Sales Tax.  Adam Hill clearly loves the Central Coast and deserves our support in November.”