About Team Adam Hill

Want to make a difference? Stand up!

Yes, the noise-maker style of politics we see on TV and read about in the paper can make the rest of us shy away from getting involved… but we can’t ignore it and hope it goes away. The more we hope the blame-game of polarized politics will tire itself out, the louder we allow it to become. That’s why we must get involved. Team Adam Hill strives to promote and support community leaders who do good, not those who merely talk about it during a campaign, and then cater to whichever group is the loudest.

It’s important for local citizens to “face the noise” and remind our communities what matters: making life a little better through hard work. Bit by bit and policy by policy – we can make a difference by staying focussed on what’s important: governance, policy, and action.

Team Adam Hill is more than a group of volunteers and supporters. It’s an ongoing effort to encourage productive community involvement in San Luis Obispo County and the SLO Board of Supervisors.

You don’t have to be directly involved in government, or donate to political campaigns to be part of Team Adam Hill.  You don’t even need to be volunteer to knock on doors or make calls to get out the vote during elections. All you need to be is someone who is willing to show support for where you live: share your thoughts, share your stories, and promote good works in SLO County.